Term & Conditions

Terms, Agreement, Privacy, License


1. Zebrocoin DApp is decentralized app which allows users to connect their wallets and trade, swap, bridge tokens without opening up account or providing any personal data.

2. We only keep transaction records of wallets which users can access and view their transaction history.

3. Zebrocoin DApp gives complete anonymity and don't ask for any personal data, browsing data to save by us nor to any third-party.

4. Decentrlized apps make transactions automatically on request by user and interacts via contracts/functions without any central authority, no one can modify/cancel/delete transactions created by users.

Token Purchase

1. Follow the cryptocurrency rules and regulations of your country/county/territory/juridiction. Some countries/counties/terrritories/juridictions prohibit trading/holding/mining of cryptocurrencies. Before trading/holding/mining of cryptocurrency learn about cryptocurrency law in your country/county/terrritory/juridiction.

2. Double check Zebrocoin contract before buying of Zebrocoin tokens from any third-party, Zebrocoin Contract Address (CA) is 0x89C4434119b237922069673439C35F90025563C9 for BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Phoenix and EtherGem network.

4. Use following Zebrocoin contract address "0x89c4434119b237922069673439c35f90025563c9" to add Zebrocoin to your wallet.

6. Like other cryptocoins and tokens Zebrocoin also has no intrinsic value, cryptocurrency value is decided by it's users, traders and markets. Zebrocoin may become worthless or valued zero in future and neither us nor any third-party take any guaranty of refund, buy Zebrocoin solely on your own risk.


1. Users are bound to our terms, conditions and privacy policy to use of ZEBRO token and it's platform Zebrocoin DApp.

2. Users can view their transactions they made on Zebrocoin DApp in history by connecting wallet they used for transaction and same can be found on blockexplorers such as BSCscan, Polygonscan, FTMscan, Phoenixplorer, EtherGem.io etc.

3. Investing in cryptocoin token is subject to market risk, price of token may drop to very low or may become 0 valued and neither we nor any third-party liable for your loss and no one bounded to refund fully or partially, buy Zebrocoin knowing risks of profit and loss in cryptocurrencies.

4. By participating in token sale via our platform or via dirct buy from Zebrocoin Owner address means you agreed to our terms, conditions and privacy policy.

5. Keep/store/hold your Zebrocoin to personal/web/exchange wallet on your own risk, we are not bounded to refund for loss of Zebrocoin from any of above mentioned wallet in any ways.

User Data

1. We do not share, sell or provide wallet data to any third party in any circumstances unless request from any authority for legal issues.

2. All transaction data and wallet balance data stored securely and confidentialy in our database and can also be found on Blockexplorers of token.

3. Website uses cookies to remember users history only and it's removed from record upon expiration.

Token Purchase

1. Zebrocoin buyers privacy is concerned first, we will not share, sell buyers data to any third-party in any circumstances.

2. Buyer of Zebrocoin via DApp from Private Sale or Pre Sale is completely anonymous, even if you bought Zebrocoin from it's Owner/Founder directly still no needed to provide any personal information nor any buyer informations such as emailID, Telegram Username etc. are recorded.

Crypto coin/token value

Zebrocoin is not a security token (under SEC regulation) it is just like other cryptocoins and token without any intrinsic, price of Zebrocoin is not guaranteed by us nor by any third-party, Zebrocoin may become worthless or valued to 0 in future and neither us nor any third-party liable to refund, Zebrocoin and/or any other cryptocoins are valued by markets. Buy Zebrocoin or any other Cryptocoins only after understanding risks of loss/profit and solely on your own risk.

Crypto coin/token markets


Cryptocoin law in your juridiction

Cryptocoins and Cryptotokens are fully or partially banned in some countries/states/juridictions, find out law of cryptocoin/cryptotoken in your juridiction before buying, trading, holding or using of any cryptocoin/cryptotoken.


This website is licensed under MIT open source license.


Zebrocoin software is licensed under MIT open source license without any restrictions to copy and/or modify and use it.

Token Code

Zebrocoin token source code is open to public on GitHub with MIT open source license without any restrictions to copy/download and/or modify and use it for creation of own token.

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